Thursday, April 28, 2011

CoverGirl NatureLux Collection - Impressive!

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I was so excited to start my first campaign as a Bzzagent, I practically squealed when my free CoverGirl makeup came in the mail. I got it on a Saturday after running around all day, so I saved my first trial for Easter Sunday morning...which was actually taking a risk since I don't really have time to do my makeup twice on a Sunday before church, what with three kids to get ready and everything.

So I put the foundation on, and first thing I notice is how easily it goes on, and evens out on my skin. My skin tone is instantly evened out, and I didn't have any annoying foundation streaks to try and take care of. The makeup went on smoothly. My only problem was, while it wasn't real far off, I think I probably could have went a shade lighter on the foundation. It works - but it will be much better once I get a little bit of sun. What really impressed me though is, how much better it was than my other foundation. I was using a whipped foundation that I previously LOVED. I thought it was the best thing - but when I tried it again to compare the two foundations, I noticed that it wasn't near as easy to apply, and that the Naturelux just looked better all around.

Still yet, my favorite item was the lipstick. I was given the absolute perfect lipstick for casual wear. I couldn't have even picked a more perfect shade out on my own. The color goes on easily, and stays through light wear. You may have to reapply after eating, but what lipstick lasts through that?

I am very happy with this makeup, and will probably get more once my supply runs out.

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