Thursday, October 6, 2011

5-Pack Premium Reusable LCD Screen Protector for iPhone

I saw this deal on another blog, that I wish I could remember so I could give them credit, and just had to take a chance that this wasn’t one of those “too good to be true,” or “you get what you paid for,” which for me was nothing.  After processing the order – I had just enough money left on a gift certificate that I got these screen protectors for free.
Hello WONDERFUL deal!  While I’m always cleaning off the screen (due to oils from my skin) this happens with even the best screen protector I had.  This probably isn’t absolute top of the line best screen protector for iPhone, but it is very, very comparable.  Very easy to use, and clear as a bell when brand new!  And talk about an awesome deal, especially when I normally see these for around $20!  Take advantage while you still can!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Product Review: Burt's Bees Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin

I received the following product as a result of being a BzzAgent.  They send me products and I get to talk about them!!  No other compensation was given or offered, and all opinions are my own!
I have to say that this is my favorite Bzzagent campaign to date. I have been shopping around for both a cleanser and a moisturizer for quite some time, and to be honest, when I think “Burt’s Bees” my mind immediately jumps to chapstick mostly, so checking out their moisturizer would never have even cross my mind. Burt’s Bees sent a beautiful and elaborate set up (pictured) including Facial Cleanser, Moisturizer, free samples to pass out, coupons and a pamphlet of information.

It has only been a couple days since my package of Burt's Bees Natural Facial Cleanser and Moisturizer arrived, but so far so good. First of all, the facial cleanser does not dry my face out at all. Even when I failed to put on the moisturizer, I didn’t have that dry “just washed my face” feel. When washing, the cleanser does not really suds up like most facial cleanser do, which can be a little disconcerting at first, but really it isn’t an issue. I have had other cleansers for sensitive skin that also do not suds up much. Burt’s Bees is, by far, my favorite cleanser thus far – I like how smooth and gentle it feels on my skin, and best of all I love the way it smells. It’s a very light cotton-y smell about it. The moisturizer, likewise, feels just as smooth and gentle as the facial cleanser while applying. It does not leave my skin feeling wet or greasy – not even after a full day of work (and a yoga class). The moisturizer also has a very pleasant scent.

Finally, there is just something about knowing that you are using an all natural product that makes you feel like you’re doing something right. I glanced at the ingredients for the facial wash, and while I may not have known exactly what the products were, or how they were obtained, they were at least recognizable. I feel like Burt’s Bees goes out of their way to make sure you know exactly what is in your products, even offering a little further explanation when maybe an ingredient might sound unfamiliar. They use recycled material in their packaging and never use animal testing. You can check out their “Commitment to Natural Products” here.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Product Review: Tonka TX Ricochet Trickster

I received the following product as a result of being a BzzAgent.  They send me products and I get to talk about them!!  No other compensation was given or offered, and all opinions are my own!

We received the Tonka TX Ricochet Trickster almost a week ago now, and what a fun toy! For starters, the kids were just excited to get something in the mail that was for them. I’m always getting this or that, but rarely do they ever receive anything, much less a toy. So opening the package was a bit of a big deal to them! The next thing was getting the toy out and running. Unfortunately, while the toy did come with the rechargeable battery, in the car portion, it did not come with the 4 AA batteries required to run the remote control. We had just used the last of our batteries in a Wii remote, so the fun was delayed until I could get into the store. It was further delayed by the fact that the car needed to be charged after the batteries were in place..more groans and whines from the kid section on that one.

Once the Trickster was up and running the fun was immediate. This toy is FAST! I had though, at first, I might try and get an action video to post but between my small kitchen and the table, chairs, kids, and the fastness of this toy – I couldn’t really get a good video either. Which is a good thing. The kids like the fastness. They liked running it into walls and chair legs, and of course…the cat. I thought the cat would also enjoy the toy, chasing it around the kitchen or something equally as fun, but in typical cat fashion – if you think he’s going to like something, most likely he’s just going to watch it with mild disdain. Oh well, a 3 out of 4 satisfaction rate isn’t all that bad!

I do think this toy would be great fun for kids this Christmas holiday, probably great for ages 5 – 9 or 10ish. It IS a remote control car, but please, do not underestimate the female interest. We have two girls, and both of them love to play with this toy!

Good points:
  • It seems durable. It’s typical toy plastic, but the controls are a little different from the average remote control, more compact and no big long wire hanging out of the top waiting to be kinked, bent, broken, etc. This toy will do well in a toy box – while most remote control cars need to be kept separate from regular toys so they don’t break. * This is a big bonus for us, because the kids rooms don’t really have those “extra” places, and toys either end up making the room look messy, or the toy ends up broken.
  • It is FAST! I already mentioned this, but for some reason kids really like fast things. We haven’t run the battery down just yet, but I’m sure it will slow down as it does, but for now it’s great fun.
  • Easy to figure out. It took only a few minutes to figure out how to use the controls, but thankfully kids are smart, and once it was learned it was easy…assuming they are holding the controller right-side-up that is. It is very easy to flip it around.

Some downsides:
  •  Like most remote control vehicles – this runs best on tile. Carpeted areas are no fun!
  • Batteries are not really included, plus you need to charge the car as well – no instant gratification regardless if you buy the batteries at the same time. If purchasing for Christmas, I would recommend getting it prepped and ready to go prior to wrapping it!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Monday's - #1

It seems as though I always do something silly in my sleep-exhausted Monday state.  Today was actually an exception, as I got out of bed and to work without mishap.  I did have to leave early to get my kids from school today, and when I picked them up I asked them, "how was work today?"  But that was more of a slip of the tongue than a Mondayism. 

In the past I've done everything from trying to use coffee to seap my tea bag, or dump my left-over cereal milk in the trash.  I also usually go to the gym on Monday, and I've done everything from forget my dress shoes, to going into the shower room, taking a full shower and realizing I forgot atowel after the shower was completely done. 

So here you have it...what I hope will be a weekly post - the Monday's.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crafty Mama - Finn Hat

I WAS going to make this for Christmas, but since I needed to make sure it fit, and they saw me working on it, I went ahead and gave it to Elijah already.  It's a Finn Hat from Adventure Time.

I used this free crochet pattern, and adapted it to suit my needs!

And so you can see what I was attempting to do, here is a picture of Finn.  The hardest part are the ears/horns/whatever the heck they are.  Location and size.  I probably should have went a little larger on the size, but it's too late now.

Quickie Product Review: Love-Scent

So I signed up to receive a free sample from who knows how long ago.  I don't even remember doing it.  Anyway, the sample arrived in the mail yesterday...and let me tell you, I'm a bit disappointed that I just got one! :)  I put it on, and at first was skeptical.  I could smell a faint scent on my skin, but nothing much.  However, as the night progressed my husband commented on how good I smelled multiple times.  I never revealed my secret, but just basked in the attention.  I think I just might go buy some more!!

A little bit from their website:

Human Sex Pheromones are natural chemical scents the body produces in order to attract others. Animal Sex Pheromones are well documented in the animal kingdom as the force that controls all social behavior, including mating. Scientists are now finding that human behavior is also heavily influenced by Human Pheromones, the ultimate invisible social magnets. By intensifying the sex pheromones that already occur naturally, you will experience not only a boost in confidence, but also increased sex appeal. Human pheromones also work wonders in business affairs by giving you the extra edge you need to make a good impression.

You can also find Love-Scent on Facebook...go like them, and try just might be worth it!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Product Review - Dr Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles

I got my Bzzagent packet just yesterday for the Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles.  I instantly opened them and put them in the shoes I was currently wearing.  First of all, I have to mention that I had purchased Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles off the clearance rack a few months ago.  They had cloth on top and were black to match my shoes.  I really liked them, so when I got the new insoles in the mail, and they were just the silicone gel pads with no cloth on top, I was mildly disappointed.   I had to remember that they were going inside my shoe, so what did it matter? 
I put the insoles in my heels (which are only 1.5 inch heels, no 3 inchers for me) and was amazed at the different.  They must have re-vamped their design.  The old insoles had a lot of padding at the ball of my foot and at the heel, but not so much in the middle.  The new pads have more padding in the arch and moving forward to the ball of my foot – which is much more effective.  I had wore my heels all day at work and was going to change into some more comfortable shoes for our evening church service, but decided against the idea so that I could get a better assessment of how the insoles were working.  They managed to instantly relieve the tender spots that were already hurting from wearing my heels all day at work, and continued to ease this pain for the next 3 hours while I was at church and out and about before returning home.
Now, from that last sentence, it sounds like I’m trying to say that the insoles are pain relievers.  In a medicinal way, no of course not, but the padding is placed in such a way that certain points of contact on my foot against the shoe were alleviated due to the insole, and thus they were no longer causing me any issues.  If I were to put any pressure on these points of contact, they still would have been a bit sore from wearing my shoes all day long. 
Would I recommend Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles?  Absolutely!  I am a fan of shoe insoles anyway, but rarely have I had such a desirable result!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Product Review: Sketchers Shape-Ups

About a week ago I went shopping for some tennis shoes.  It was a total spontaneous trip, however a much needed one.  I work out in the gym 3-4 days a week and the shoes I was using were flat and cheap and hurt my feet most of the time.  There are a few things about me, and shoe shopping that you should know, though.  First, I hate shoe shopping.  GASP!  I know, I’m not normal.  Two, I have a really difficult time spending the appropriate amount of money on shoes.  It just seems so absurd to get expensive shoes when you get go to Payless and…well, pay less.  Third, the whole experience just sucks.  Did I mention I hate shoe shopping??
Okay, so I go into The Shoe Depot in the mall, and start looking at the tennis shoes.  I need something to wear to the gym that won’t make my feet hurt, and costs under $40, that is not what I say out loud, but as I’m looking – these are my unspoken requirements.  I have a high arched feet, and the trouble is, many of the shoes in my price range are flat.  They may have padding, but not in the ever-so-needed arch of the foot.  So I’m looking and looking, trying different styles on.  Oh, another unspoken requirement – I don’t want a cheesy looking shoe, it has to look good!  Anyway, I’m not finding anything, and the entire time I’m avoiding these Sketchers Shape Ups, because I can’t see how these are going to help me when I’m weight lifting in the gym.  They are more for fast-walkers, right?  Well after trying on 10 or 12 pairs, I put a pair of shape-ups on, mostly out of curiosity. 
My first reaction:  BEST SHOES I’VE EVER PUT ON IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!  The curved bottom of the shoe curves the shoe right up into that arch of my foot.  It felt like Heaven compared to the flat wedged shoe I was currently wearing.  I was still hesitant in buying them though, because I still wasn’t sure that the shoes were what I needed to meet my needs.  After vacillating for a little bit, taking the shoe off, putting it back on, walking around, commenting to my patient husband as to how good they felt, I finally decided to give them a shot.  They were on sale for $37 or something close to that, meeting my price expectations as well.  I walked out of the store, and immediately sat down to put the shoes on.  I LOVE these shoes.  I opted for the Mary Jane style, because they were the cheapest at the time, but now, I am so glad I did.
So I wear the shoes to the gym on Monday, elliptical, no problems, and since I wasn’t working legs, the rest of my work out was fine too.  The next day, I was wearing long black pants, and the thought occurred to me; I bought Mary Jane styled tennis shoes.  Unlike the picture shown, mine do not have white stitching, so the brand name isn’t obvious, neither are the lines of the shoe.  I bet the shoes would look just fine with my dress clothes.  And…of course they did.  No one has noticed (or said anything at least) and I’m wearing the most comfortable shoes I own all day.  I love these shoes!  I don’t really want to wear any of my other shoes…except for maybe flip flops.  Unfortunately they don’t look all that great with a dress, so I do have to keep them in the gym bag some days, but mostly, I wear them almost all the time now.  I have never been happier with a shoe purchase in all my life!
As for their claims – I have no idea how they work.  I don’t know if they are tightening my calves or abs, or shaping my butt, or helping my posture.  Remember, I was already working out regularly before I bought them, and I’m not noticing any difference in my exercising.  But I didn’t buy them for that reason.  I bought them for comfort, and am a satisfied customer!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Business Ettiquette 101 - Lesson 2

Lesson #2 in my Business Ettiquette class:

It is not a good idea to walk around talking on your headset/blue tooth.  Especially to a client.  I can understand walking to the printer if absolutely necessary.  But to the break room to cook your lunch or wash out a dish???  The absolute worse:  THE BATHROOM.  What are you people thinking???? 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Business Etiquette 101 - Lesson #1

Welcome to my very first Business Etiquette 101 class..the blog where I give you a small lesson on appropriate behavior in a business environment.  These are meant to be a little snippy, sarcastic, and I'm actually being slightly serious, because...come on people, you aren't working all by your self out there!

Lesson #1:  If you empty out the coffee pot, or leave less than what it would take to fill a coffee mug, dump the remaining coffee and make a new pot.  Don't leave it for the next person.  Remember, you got your're forcing the next person to wait for theirs.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

How I Spent My Summer Vacation aka Things I Learned

So to celebrate 10 years of marriage, Justin and I decided to go on a cruise.  This was a REALLY BIG DEAL for us because, first, I have never been on a vacation that was not also visiting family or also a missions trip, with the exception of my H.S. Toronto Trip...which was a band competition.  So you see what I mean?  My trips have always had an alternative purpose, never just a vacation.  The next reason this was a big deal...neither Justin nor I had never flown commercially.  Justin went up in a charter plane when he was younger - but that's it.  So neither of us have ever dealt with schedules, check points, airports in general.  So having this experience was actually among one of my "bucket lists" - which gives you an indication exactly how far down the line I thought having this opportunity actually was.  Third reason it was a big deal, well, we have to do something with the kids, right?  Thankfully, we have AWESOME parents who are willing to help out and do what they can, but it's still hard leaving the kids for a week long adventure...longest either of us have ever been away from any of our kids. 

So, here comes the fun part.  What I learned about traveling/vactions/cruises.  I've attempted to keep a mental list, and I'm sure I'll forget some, but here we go:

1.  People really do run in airports.  Actually, I thought WE were going to be some of these people on our way home.  We started out late in Miami, and was suppose to be 30-40 minutes late for our flight out of Charlotte.  Thankfully, and not so thankfully - The Charlotte flight was late about 2 hours.  Anyhow, it was still funny to see people literally racing through the airport.  There was a guy in Dayton who worked in the airport - and was constantly running back and forth, back and forth.  I'm convinced that he works so much that this is the only way he can squeeze some cardio into his day.  Too bad it's in a very nice suit, but you do what you have to, right?

2.  People do not care a thing about the instructions given.  This is worse than High School.  Heck, it's worse than first day of Kindergarten.  So, like I said, we were late arriving in Charlotte, and sure enough, we are not the only ones who are very late for our next flight - about 35 other passengers were late too.  Well, the pilot gave very clear and specific instructions to remain seated until we stopped moving and the seat belt light was off and, asking everyone who did not have a connection to get to right away to let those of us who are late exit first.  So as we get closer to the terminal, the pilot comes on to make another announcement, IMMEDIATELY the entire plan stands up, starts getting their bags ready - I'm sitting there thinking, "what in the world.  The seat belt light is on, he's just giving us some more instructions - am I missing something?"  Sure enough, the stewardess starts barreling down the aisle yelling at everyone to sit down and put their seat belt back on.  She was NOT happy - that cannot be an easy job!  Anyhow, so we get off the plane, and my guess is that of the 35 late passengers, they must have included every seat ahead of us, because only 2 or 3 people waited around to let others exit first.  Aren't we a nice lot of people?

That is not the only example of "not following instructions" I witnessed, there were MANY times announcements were made, and left unheard.  And yes, sometimes it's hard to hear, but typically they make more than one least try and pay attention.

3.  Taking a taxi away from an airport because you have a 7 hour wait for your flight - is EXTREMELY expenisve.

4.  My carsickness doesn't really extend to an airplane or a cruise ship for that matter.  Except when I have an empty stomach and low blood sugar thing going on, then I get really sick. (thank goodness for the "empty stomach" part.)

5.  There are some very friendly people out there, you just have to start the conversation, because they sure as heck won't - but once it get's going, there's no stopping it.

6. Flying at night, the lights below are like looking at the stars in reverse.  Too bad it was cloudy most of the time.

7.  Lightening from an airplane is not better or more interesting or more exciting than it is from the ground.  I thought it would be.

Things learned while cruising/shopping/on excursions:
1.  You are suppose to tip EVERYONE. Okay, slight exaggeration, but truly, if the person did you a service (tour guide, touched your baggage in any way, opened your door, drove you from point A to point B), it does not matter if you already paid for the excursion and the transportation was "included," it is only polite and proper to tip.  Sucks, but it's true.  I was actually confused by this at first, but then when I thought about it, I knew it was true.  Many people did not/would not tip.  I suppose this is up to you, but despite the $100+ you dished out for the excursion, I'm willing to bet that tips are factored into that tour guide's salary.  Even the taxi ride we took - they took the cost of the ride and then added an additional 2.00 on top, which was the drivers tip.  (This kind of tipping is strange since tipping is suppose to be a reflection of service IMO, but because of confusion mentioned above - I do understand why it's done).  And you can tell the people who frequently do not receive their tips, because they TELL YOU to tip them.  I.E., the guy who took our bags to put them on the ship for us - Justin said he was afraid NOT to tip him once he asked, for fear of what might happen to our luggage.

2.  The bike tour in KeyWest was a LOT of fun - but only once.  I would never pay to do it again, I would just rent a bike and ride around next time.  (or pick a different excursion).  Our tour guide was from the Bronx, NY - had an accent I have only heard on audiobooks.  And he was a trip - awesome guide, who knew a lot of stuff beyond typical touristy stuff.  (This Tip was not so hard for me/us to dish out, he truly earned it).

3.  People are EXTREMELY selfish.  No, I did not first discover this on the cruise; but it was magnified to a great degree.  People throwing trash on the decks, or getting plate after plate after plate of food and not eating it (seriously people?  you could have fed a small village in Africa - just get what you're going to's one thing if you don't like it, it's a completely other thing to get it just so that you've got it - and someone else didn't - which is what it feels like.)  But my favorite are the people who walk everywhere as if if they don't make it to the buffet, they are going to run out of food.  Or, cut you off while walking from point A to point B only to stop and talk and take up the entire hallway so you can't pass.  Conversations ON the stairs - really?

4.  The diversity of both the passengers and the crew on the ship amazed me.  I don't know why, but I just wasn't expecting it.

5.  The fact that I have black hair, and my name is "Anita," automatically means I'm suppose to speak Spanish.  It's just assumed - obviously.  I am pretty sure Justin got tired of telling people that his wife does not speak Spanish.  ( Justin can speak conversational Spanish).  At the Dolphin Mall in Miami FL, it is pretty much required to speak Spanish in order to work there - apparently it is NOT, however, required to speak English, as when I was ordering food - me and the lady behind the counter were not communicating well at all.  In the end I held my finger up and said, "the number one."  She said, "Uno?" I said, "Yes - Uno!"

6.  The Rock Climbing/Zip Line/Snorkling Adventure Excursion in Cozumel is not in a Jungle, or in the woods.  It's a rock climbing wall, with rope bridges and zip lines between towers.  That was a little bit disappointing, however, we did have a lot of fun regardless.  Unlike some people, who never allow themselves to get over the deception so that they can enjoy their day regardless.

7.  Snorkling is a LOT of fun - we saw nothing exotic, but it didn't matter.  OH, and apparently they train the fish to swim with you, because they basically did - all around us.  They weren't the least bit scared.

8.  The sand in Cozumel was disappointing to me.

9.  The crew members on the ship - are AWESOME!  I did not meet anyone who wasn't friendly or just doing their job.  I know some of the have to get sick of the false cheer, but it was obvious the ones who were genuinely just happy with their jobs and really did want us to have a good time.  I say whoever does the hiring for Carnival is doing great!

10.  I cannot remember the number of countries represented on board, but it was A LOT!

11.  I don't think I've slept in a more comfortable bed in my entire life!

12.  I am 100% sure weight gain is a requirement on a cruise.  I think I gained 3lbs for each day. ( I REALLY REALLY hope this is an exaggeration - but I honestly don't know, I haven't checked yet.)

In the end, this cruising business is awesome.  I think both Justin and I spent a good portion of the time saying or thinking, "Elijah would love that." or "Wow, I bet Azalyah would really get into this."  So we are already talking about doing another cruise, with our kids.  I know we won't be able to do as much with our kids along, but we just had our chance - and we loved it!  I would love to be able to pass the experience to them as well.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Once was a work in progress..

It may be again one day...  The following was the opening to a book idea I had.  I actually typed up about 15,000 words before something happened and I lost more than half.  It was a bit discouraging, and I haven't really picked it back up again, even though I think about it a lot.  Just a little something to share for now I guess...

Ch1 - The Dream

I started awake with the insistent beeping of my alarm.  I moaned and slammed my hands on the clock fumbling clumsily in an attempt to get it to shut up as fast as possible.  I’m probably going to have to fix the time before going back to bed tonight, but that wasn’t something I wanted to think about right now.  I closed my eyes and tried as hard as possible to recall the dream I just had.  It was fuzzy around the edges, as all dreams are when you wake up, but it was so real, and so disturbing and sad.  I remember the flash of blue and red; the police lights.  I remember the panicked voice of a drunken street bum; his face smudged with what looked like dirt and oil, his hair stringy with grease, a brown hat barely hanging onto his head, eyes wide and excited and just a little bit crazy.  He was being dragged off to a cruiser by a couple of officers, all the while the guy was yelling, “He just jumped!  He just stepped off the edge and down he went.”
            The dream faded out then back in, and I was watching as emergency workers dragged a body out of the water.  I was watching from above as people rushed around the body in the dark, I could tell that it was probably noisy, with all the lights flashing, people moving around; but it was as if I was watching a TV on mute, no sound.  Just before they covered the body with a white sheet I got a quick glimpse of the face of the person they pulled out of the water.  He was young; definitely my age, someone familiar. Dark black hair was spiked around his head, and a tattoo on his arm, some kind of tribal thing circling a bicep.  ‘He is just so familiar,’ I remember thinking, then flash; there he was sitting in the back of my Civic’s class.  Flash; him again sitting under a tree with a guitar in his lap in our common area at school where we sometimes ate.  Flash; him once again walking down the hall, black backpack slung over one shoulder, head down, shoulders drooped in a way as if to look invisible.  His name escapes me.  Or did I ever know it?

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's No Wonder

I love you so much, I feel it
in my hair
my gut
my toes
My heart flips like a teenager's first kiss

It's no wonder the years seem more like days

I know the things you like,
what you love 
what the glint in your eye means
You know my secrets
my heart

It's no wonder the years seem more like a lifetime

Thursday, April 28, 2011

CoverGirl NatureLux Collection - Impressive!

Amorgan721 rated this
I was so excited to start my first campaign as a Bzzagent, I practically squealed when my free CoverGirl makeup came in the mail. I got it on a Saturday after running around all day, so I saved my first trial for Easter Sunday morning...which was actually taking a risk since I don't really have time to do my makeup twice on a Sunday before church, what with three kids to get ready and everything.

So I put the foundation on, and first thing I notice is how easily it goes on, and evens out on my skin. My skin tone is instantly evened out, and I didn't have any annoying foundation streaks to try and take care of. The makeup went on smoothly. My only problem was, while it wasn't real far off, I think I probably could have went a shade lighter on the foundation. It works - but it will be much better once I get a little bit of sun. What really impressed me though is, how much better it was than my other foundation. I was using a whipped foundation that I previously LOVED. I thought it was the best thing - but when I tried it again to compare the two foundations, I noticed that it wasn't near as easy to apply, and that the Naturelux just looked better all around.

Still yet, my favorite item was the lipstick. I was given the absolute perfect lipstick for casual wear. I couldn't have even picked a more perfect shade out on my own. The color goes on easily, and stays through light wear. You may have to reapply after eating, but what lipstick lasts through that?

I am very happy with this makeup, and will probably get more once my supply runs out.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Goals

It's a new year, and like many people I'm thinking of some of the ways I can improve my life in 2011. It would be nice to make more money have more stuff, etc., etc. But I know for a fact, that none of these things make me happy. I like stuff, sure. I want a house - instead of this 2 bedroom little thing, I'd like a house more appropriate for a family of 5. But the thing is, we're dealing just fine. It's not awful. We have a roof over our head and are blessed beyond belief. So instead, many of my changes aren't pie in the sky, unobtainable goals.  They are lifestyle changes.

  1. I want to have a more serious, and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  So many times I find myself just complacent and just going through motions.  I hate people like me.  Well, I don't hate people at all..but I don't like that sort of attitude.  That is not a Christian life, that is a fake life.  So I'm deciding to more forward instead of standing still.  No matter how much fear I may have of what God wants me to do, I'm still going to press on.  It's the only way to go.  You can't have a fulfilling life standing still.  You always have to be moving forward. 
  2. I want to loose that last 5 pounds I've been talking about loosing for a year now.  I've doing a great job loosing some weight and then maintaining.  But I need to stay in the gym.  I need to be healthy, because I think it's irresponsible not to be.
  3. I want to create more memories with my children.  Once again, this does not involve going out and getting/doing a bunch of stuff, but more spending time with them and making each moment count.
 I think having goals is important.  I think taking steps to keep these goals is equally important.  Hopefully I'll find a way to take the steps and complete my goals this year, and will make 2011 a year to remember.