Monday, September 26, 2011

The Monday's - #1

It seems as though I always do something silly in my sleep-exhausted Monday state.  Today was actually an exception, as I got out of bed and to work without mishap.  I did have to leave early to get my kids from school today, and when I picked them up I asked them, "how was work today?"  But that was more of a slip of the tongue than a Mondayism. 

In the past I've done everything from trying to use coffee to seap my tea bag, or dump my left-over cereal milk in the trash.  I also usually go to the gym on Monday, and I've done everything from forget my dress shoes, to going into the shower room, taking a full shower and realizing I forgot atowel after the shower was completely done. 

So here you have it...what I hope will be a weekly post - the Monday's.

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