Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Seagate Expansion ST910004EXA101-RK External Portable Hard Drive - 1TB, 5,400RPM, USB 2.0

We have been in need of a hard drive for a LOONG time.  We have a ton of music on our computer, not to mention pictures and other files.  I do regularly clean out the pictures and put them on disks so that they don’t get lost, but still – the music is there taking up all kinds of space.  We have been discussing buying an external hard drive for over a year.  When we got some extra money for Christmas, my husband and I both agreed that it was time.  The plan was to get the hard drive, move all files that are not program files over, and have our laptop reformatted.  Part 2 has yet to take place yet, but I am so thankful that we now are out of the danger zone on our laptops memory at the very least.
I did some online shopping for the hard drive, which naturally – when you are looking for any kind of computer anything, you are going to end up at TigerDirect.com.  It was there that I found the cheapest Terabyte external hard drive.  I also did a little bit of reading online reviews on this particular hard drive, and came up with mixed results.  Some people loved it, others hated.  I have the feeling that despite searching for the specific hard drive, the results were mixed, because there were many reviews that stated that this hard drive was big and bulky.  That is not the case with the hard drive we received.  Another complaint was that the power cord didn’t stay in very well – once again, this is NOT an issue.  The cord fit perfectly!  I plugged it into the computer, the computer recognized it for what it was.  I had the option to install a trial of some software, which I did not do.  I took the files I wanted to move – and moved them.  And that was all she wrote. 
The hard drive is small, sleek, and fills its purpose in our lives.  I feel like it was the best move I made since actually buying the laptop in the first place!  I'd say TigerDirect is a reliable source for computer hardware and software.  Their customer service is great, and prices are very competitive!

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